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Urine Bank in Musiri:
Musiri town is a pioneer in the field of collection of human urine thanks to the construction of a large number of UDDTs(Urine Diversion dehydration toilets)in individual households and the first set of three community UDDTs in the country. Collection of pure urine from these UDDTs had resulted in opening up several research programs supported by national and international organizations on application of liquid urine as an excellent fertilizer for raising various crops and vegetables.

These experiments were very successful. At present, the nutrient in millions of tons of urine available in the country every day is going waste since it is not collected separately", Mr. M. Subburaman, Director SCOPE, said Launching the first urine bank in the country Mr.Sjoerd Nienhuys, Consultant of WASTE an NGO of Netherlands said the world was facing acute energy shortage and it is well known fact that fertilizer industry consumed large quantities of fossil fuel. An alternative cost effective fuel was very necessary in the years to come in view of the rapid depletion of fossil fuel. The need of the hour was establishment of renewable energy based fuel like biogas for meeting the requirements of the rapidly increasing population which will not cause any harm to the environment.

Urine was an excellent organic fertilizer which was being used for raising crops in many parts of the world. The urine bank in Musiri will popularized urine as a very cost effective and efficient organic fertilizer which would also help increase crop yield.

Mr. V.C. Sudhakar, President of Musiri Town Panchayat welcomed the gathering.

Mr.K.P.Mohammed Naufel, Consulant, Bio Energy System, Calicut and Ms.Doreen Nienhuys stressed the importance of using human waste and bio degradable waste in an Eco friendly manner as a fuel.


Mini Van Launched for Urine Collection in Musiri

Mrs. Santha Sheela Nair, I.A.S., (Retd.) former Secretary Rural Development Department, Government of India, and Vice Chairman Tamilnadu State Planning Commission on Saturday, February 19th, 2011 Commissioned the Mini van for collection and transport of urine from the Ecosan Community Compost Toilets, Individual houses and Schools with UDT facilities in Musiri and its neighbourhood to the Urine Research center . She said that Ecosan toilet model was gaining momentum throughout the world since it drastically reduced the need for water for sewage management. The use of urine and compost for food production, through Ecosan also prevented the environmental risks of other forms of toilets. She visited the pilot urine bank site and performed bhumi pooja.

Mr.M. Subburaman, Director, SCOPE said the urine collected from the three ECCTs and from individual household Ecosan toilets stored in the urine bank

The Ecosan UDDT toilets where gaining popularity in Musiri Town said Mr. V.C. Sudhakar, President of Panchayat.

1) Mrs. Santha Sheela Nair, I.A.S. (Retd.) removing the compost from the Ecosan Community Compost Toilet in Musiri.

2) Mrs.Nair driving the urine collection van.

3) Mrs.Nair watching the biogas stove in the DEWATS Unit in the compost yard.